A4 Peter

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Lesson 1: Peter asleep

Readings: Matthew 26: 36-46

Have you ever fallen asleep when you have been asked to keep awake? Peter did just that! Peter had been a follower of the Lord Jesus for nearly three years. He was one of Jesus’ 12 special friends or disciples. Wherever Jesus went, His disciples went.

Lesson 2: Peter fighting

Readings: Matthew 26: 47-56

Peter had let the Lord Jesus down by sleeping when he had been asked to pray. Judas, however, had done even worse. He promised to tell Jesus’ enemies where Jesus was, if they would pay him some money. We call this ‘betraying’. Judas betrayed Jesus that night by leading a gang of men through the darkness to capture Jesus.

Lesson 3: Peter denies

Readings: Matthew 26: 69-75

When the Lord Jesus was captured and taken to the High Priest’s house, all the disciples ran away. Maybe they were scared that they would be arrested too. Peter was different. He decided that he would follow the crowd who had taken Jesus, keeping a distance from them.

Lesson 4: Peter loves

Readings: John 21: 1-19

The Lord Jesus had died on the cross. His body had been put in a tomb or cave. On Easter Sunday morning He had come ALIVE! Some of His disciples had seen Him that day!