A4 Peter

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Lesson 1: Lessons in Humility

Readings: John 13: 1-17

Each year, the Jews celebrated their release from slavery in Egypt by a festival called the Passover. It was while the Lord Jesus and His disciples were celebrating this festival that He introduced the ‘Lord’s Supper’. (This is also known as Communion or the Breaking of Bread.) He used bread as a symbol of His body given for them, and a cup of wine to represent His blood, which was shed for them.

Lesson 2: Lessons in Loyalty

Readings: Luke 22: 31-34 & 39-62

When the Lord Jesus had finished washing His disciples’ feet, He spoke to them of something which was about to happen. Peter was going to deny all knowledge of Him!

Lesson 3: Lessons in Sorrow and Joy

Readings: Luke 24: 1-12 & 33-49

Following Peter’s denial of his Lord, we may wonder how much of the trial and crucifixion of the Lord Jesus he saw.

Lesson 4: Lessons in Love

Readings: John 21: 1-19

Following His resurrection appearances in Judea, the Lord Jesus also appeared to His disciples in the northern part of the country called Galilee. The Bible Reading records what happened on this occasion. Once again it was a time full of surprises for Peter.