A5 Life of Peter

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Lesson 1: Peter Preaches

Readings: Acts 2: 1-43

The Lord Jesus had gone back to Heaven from the Mount of Olives, to be with His Father. Peter, along with the other disciples, who are also called the apostles, had been given a new work to do by the Lord Jesus. Peter probably felt weak and afraid. How was he going to be able to do this new work?

Lesson 2: Peter Healing

Readings: Acts 3: 1-16

Sometimes we feel sad and very concerned when we hear news and see pictures of starving people in other parts of the world, where there is famine or other disasters. Peter and John must have felt the same when they saw a lame man sitting near the Temple gate as they went to pray. He asked them for some money but Peter and John were able to give him something much better, because of the special help and power that the Lord Jesus had given them.

Lesson 3: Peter Witnessing

Readings: Acts 4: 1-22

Peter preached to the crowd who had gathered to see the lame man who had been healed. He explained that the miracle had happened by the power of the risen Lord Jesus. He told them God had raised up His Son, the Lord Jesus, so that every one of them could turn to God from their wicked ways. While Peter and John were still
speaking, they were arrested.

Lesson 4: Peter in prison again

Readings: Acts 12: 1-19

More and more people had become followers of the Lord Jesus. They shared their food and money and often met together to pray and to praise God. They told everyone they met the good news about the Lord Jesus. The priests and rulers in Jerusalem were determined to stop the message of the Lord Jesus, so many Christians had to leave Jerusalem and travel far and wide. Peter was imprisoned, Stephen was stoned to death, while many more were punished in other ways. This is called ‘persecution’.