A6 Abraham

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Lesson 1: Abraham listens to God

Readings: Genesis 22: 1-9

God kept His promise to Abraham and Sarah and gave them a son. They loved him very much. One day God told Abraham to take his son to a mountain, and there to kill him as a sacrifice to God. He wanted to see if Abraham loved Him or Isaac more. This made Abraham very sad, but he obeyed God’s word because he loved God even more than he loved Isaac. He knew he could trust God for everything.

Lesson 2: Abraham obeys God

Readings: Genesis 22: 9-14

At last Abraham and Isaac came to the top of the mountain, where they built an altar with stones. Abraham piled the wood on the altar, tied up Isaac and laid him on the wood.

Lesson 3: God’s help

Readings: Genesis 24: 1-28

Abraham was now a very old man, but before he died, he wanted to be sure that Isaac was happily married. So he gave his chief servant instructions about finding a wife for his son. He told him to trust in God to guide him to the right woman.

Lesson 4: God’s choice

Readings: Genesis 24: 28-67

Rebekah ran home to tell her family what had happened. Her brother Laban ran to the well, brought the servant to their home, and made him welcome. But before the servant would even eat his supper, he told Rebekah’s family why he had come.