A6 Journeys of Abraham

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Lesson 1: Trusting God

Readings: Genesis 12: 1-9

Moving can be exciting! There is a new home to explore, a new school, new friends, new surroundings. But clearing out one house, sorting everything, and getting settled into a new house is a big upheaval! Abram (later called Abraham) had to move too. He left a large city called Ur and moved to Haran. He had been very happy and comfortable in Ur with the rest of his family, but God had other plans for him. One day God spoke to him and started to explain these plans.

Lesson 2: Choices

Readings: Genesis 13: 1-18

If your aunt or uncle gave you some money to spend, and you went to the candy store, you would see all kinds of candies. How would you spend your money? You would have to make a choice! Abram and Lot had to make important choices about which way to go for the rest of their lives. As Abram and Lot continued travelling in Canaan, they both became very rich.

Lesson 3: God’s Promises

Readings: Genesis 17: 1-8; 18: 1-15; 21: 1-5

Ben had been promised a new bike for Christmas. It was such a long time to wait! Sometimes he wondered if his parents would keep their promise, or whether he would end up with something else. Slowly, the weeks and months went by . . . and finally Christmas came. He was so excited, he could hardly wait. To his delight, there was a brand new bike, just like he’d wanted! His parents had kept their promise!

Lesson 4: The Test of Love

Readings: Genesis 22: 1-14

Throughout life, we all have to face different kinds of tests. Abraham must have been a proud father as he watched little Isaac grow up. God had been good to Abraham and Sarah. He had kept His promise and given them joy in their old age. Abraham loved Isaac very much, but was his love for God as great? Let’s find out!