A7 Jacob

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Lesson 1: The Deceiver

Readings: Genesis 25: 19-34; 27: 1-41

This set of studies introduces us to the family of Isaac, Abraham’s son.

Lesson 2: The Dreamer

Readings: Genesis 27: 41-46; 28: 1-22

Esau’s threats to murder his brother Jacob were so serious that the wisest course of action for Jacob was to run away to a safe place.

Lesson 3: The Disappointments

Readings: Genesis 29: 1-30; 31: 1-21

Following his remarkable experience at Bethel, Jacob went on for hundreds of miles, until he came to Haran, the place from which his mother had come, many years before. Now Jacob wanted to find members of his family. The best place to begin his search was at the well.

Lesson 4: The Discovery

Readings: Genesis 32: 1-32; 33: 1-17

Now Jacob was on his homeward journey, twenty years after running away from his angry brother, Esau. As he approached the area where Esau lived, he sent messengers ahead of him to inform Esau of his coming.