A7 Life of Jacob

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Lesson 1: The Deceiver

Readings: Genesis 25: 21-34; 27: 1-29

Do you know any twins? Jacob, whose life we will be studying, was a twin. He and his twin brother, Esau, were the sons of Isaac and Rebekah. Sadly, it was not a happy family. Each parent had a favourite son. This led, as we will see, to problems in the home.

Lesson 2: The Dreamer

Readings: Genesis 27: 41-46; 28: 10-22

No one likes a person who cheats, especially if it affects us personally. Jacob had cheated Esau out of both his birthright and his blessing. Now Esau felt very angry towards Jacob.

Lesson 3: The Disappointment

Readings: Genesis 29: 1-30

At last, Jacob arrived in Haran. His Uncle Laban lived there. He stopped at a well to ask some men if they knew his uncle.

Lesson 4: The Discovery

Readings: Genesis 32: 1-21; 33: 1-11

Twenty years had passed and even though life had been hard for Jacob, he had become very wealthy. He now had a large family. God had been with him as He had promised at Bethel. In fact, He had made Jacob so successful that Laban was beginning to get jealous! God had not forgotten Jacob and now it was time to show Jacob the next part of His plan.