A7 Peter

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Lesson 1: Peter preaching

Readings: Acts 2: 1-14, 36-39

The Lord Jesus had gone back to Heaven. After a few days He sent the Holy Spirit to help His disciples. The disciples needed the Holy Spirit’s help to tell the people about the Lord Jesus.

Lesson 2: Peter heals a lame man

Readings: Acts 3: 1-12

One day, not long after the Holy Spirit came, Peter and John were going into the Temple. At the gate, a beggar was sitting. He was lame, and had never been able to walk. He thought Peter and John were going to give him some money, but Peter had something better than money for him! “In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth”, said Peter, “rise up and walk.” He took his hand, helped him to his feet, and immediately the lame man was healed!

Lesson 3: Peter in prison

Readings: Acts 4: 1-22

Peter and John were telling the people about how the Lord Jesus had been raised from the dead. Then along came the Temple rulers. They were very angry with Peter and John. They did not believe the good news about Jesus, so they put Peter and John in prison for the night.

Lesson 4: Peter is set free

Readings: Acts 4: 23-31

Peter and John were happy when the court allowed them to leave. Without delay, they went to see a lot of their Christian friends. They told them everything that had happened. Then they all agreed that they should pray to God. They wanted to ask Him for courage to spread the good news about the Lord Jesus.