A9 Jacob

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Lesson 1: Jacob deceives his brother

Readings: Genesis 25: 19-34

Are you a twin? Or do you know twins? Sometimes it is difficult to tell twins apart – they look so alike. Isaac and Rebekah were very pleased when their two boys were born. Esau and Jacob were twins but they were very different. Esau was very hairy and when he grew older he loved to be outdoors, hunting animals. We don’t know what Jacob looked like, but we know he was happier to stay at home.

Lesson 2: Jacob deceives his father

Readings: Genesis 27: 1-29

When Isaac was an old man he became blind. He wanted to bless his favourite son Esau before he died. He also wanted to enjoy a meal that had been prepared by Esau. “Go and hunt a wild animal”, he said to Esau, “and cook it for me, then I will give you my blessing”. Esau went hunting with his bow and arrows.

Lesson 3: Jacob meets God

Readings: Genesis 28: 1-22

Have you always lived in the same house? Sometimes we have to move to another town or village. Isaac told his son Jacob, to go to Haran to visit his uncle Laban and marry one of his daughters. As Jacob’s twin brother Esau was planning to kill him, Jacob thought it was a good idea to go away for a while!

Lesson 4: Jacob finds a wife

Readings: Genesis 29: 1-30

Jacob went to visit Uncle Laban and his family in Haran. He had never seen them and they didn’t know he was coming. After a long journey Jacob met some shepherds beside a well with their sheep. “Where are you from?” he asked them. “Haran”, they replied. “Do you know Laban?” asked Jacob. “Yes”, they said, “here is his daughter, Rachel, with her father’s flock of sheep”. How thrilled Jacob must have been to meet someone from his own family! God had promised to protect Jacob and God had guided him to the correct place.