A9 Life of Paul

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Lesson 1: The Persecutor

Readings: Acts 9: 1-19

Have you ever been bullied at school? What did you think about the bully? You would not expect God to use this sort of person in His work. Amazing as it may seem, God did use a person like this to tell people about the Lord Jesus. How could He do this? Only by changing this man’s life completely!

Lesson 2: Problems

Readings: Acts 9: 19-30

Have you ever heard the saying: ‘A leopard can’t change his spots’? We use this to describe someone who is unable to change his ways. Everyone thought Saul was like this, but God had changed him. Now Saul wanted to tell everyone about the Lord Jesus.

Lesson 3: The Preacher

Readings: Acts 13: 1-12

A few years later Saul and Barnabas were reunited in Antioch, a large city many miles from Jerusalem. Here, many people had believed on the Lord Jesus and for the first time were called Christians.

Lesson 4: A Divided City

Readings: Acts 13: 13-16; 42-52

Why do adults spend so much time reading the newspaper, watching or listening to the news? It’s because they want to know the important things that are going on in the world. Newspapers and television are just two ways by which news spreads quickly. Another way is through the internet. Saul, now known as Paul, (see Acts 13: 9) and Barnabas had some really exciting news to tell. It is called the Gospel (Good News about the Lord Jesus).