B1 Life of Christ

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Lesson 1: Giving thanks in the Temple

Readings: Luke 2: 22-38

It’s always right to say, “Thank you” when we receive a present. Joseph and Mary took the Baby Jesus to the Temple in Jerusalem, to say, “Thank You” to God. When they were in the Temple they met a man called Simeon. He had been given a wonderful promise by God that he would see the Lord Jesus Christ before he died. When he saw the Baby Jesus, he took Him in his arms and thanked God for Him. He was very happy because his eyes had seen God’s Salvation.

Lesson 2: Growing up in Nazareth

Readings: Luke 2: 39-52

Can you imagine a big crowd of people, travelling along the road? Everyone was talking, and the children were laughing and playing. Mary and Joseph, along with many other families, were returning home to Nazareth. They had been to Jerusalem, as it was a special time of the year, called the Feast of the Passover. They hadn’t seen Jesus since they left the city. They thought He was in the crowd with His friends. In the evening they discovered He was missing! Immediately they went back to look for Him.

Lesson 3: Baptized in the River Jordan

Readings: Luke 3: 1-22

A man called John was sent by God to tell the people a very important message. He was to tell them that they had done wrong. He said that they should be sorry for the wrong things they had done, and should stop doing them. To show that they really wanted to change their ways, John said they should be baptized in the River Jordan.

Lesson 4: Tempted in the desert

Readings: Luke 4: 1-13

Jesus went into the desert after His baptism. It is a very hot and dry place with hardly anything growing. Jesus did not eat for the forty days He was there. So, He was very hungry. The devil told Jesus to turn the stones in the desert into bread. Jesus knew this would not please God, His Father, so He did not do it.