B10 Life of Moses

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Lesson 1: Moses and the first plague

Readings: Exodus 7: 1-24

Pharaoh, king of Egypt, had his mind made up. He was NOT going to allow his Hebrew slaves to go free. Moses asked many times for their release, but the king’s
answer was always the same – “No!” He refused to pay any attention to what God was saying to him, through His servant Moses.

Lesson 2: Moses and the final plague

Readings: Exodus 11: 1-10; 12: 1-13

Time after time Pharaoh refused to set the Hebrew slaves free. God showed His great power in a series of ‘plagues’ or ‘judgments’. Even then, Pharaoh would not listen when God spoke to him through Moses and Aaron.

Lesson 3: Moses and the escape from Egypt

Readings: Exodus 12: 31-39; 14: 1-31

During that night, when all the first-born Egyptians died, Pharaoh sent for Moses and Aaron. He told them to take all their people, with their flocks and herds, and to leave Egypt at once. At last, Pharaoh was obeying God! What a lot of suffering he could have avoided if he had done so at first!

Lesson 4: Moses and Israel thank God

Readings: Exodus 15: 1-21

When morning came, the Israelites were all safely across the Red Sea. Never again would they be slaves in Egypt! All along the sea shore lay the bodies of the drowned Egyptians! As a result of what had happened, the Israelites had great respect for the Lord, and also for His servant, Moses. They knew it was God who had saved them!