PBS B11 Level 4

B11 The Law

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Lesson 1: One God

Readings: Exodus 19: 14-25; 20: 1-7; Matthew 22: 34-40

The Israelites had come out of Egypt and had travelled east into the desert and were now at Mount Sinai.

Lesson 2: God’s Way

Readings: Exodus 20: 8-11; Luke 13: 10-17

The first commandments emphasize ‘Who God is’. They showed the Israelites clearly that there was only ONE GOD whom they were to follow and obey. The commandment in the first Bible Reading tells us how He expected them to behave on His special day.

Lesson 3: God First

Readings: Exodus 20: 12-21; Mark 10: 17-31

When we play games or are involved in sports, we have to keep to the rules of that sport. When we cook, we are guided by the recipe. When we travel as cyclists or pedestrians, we have to obey the Highway Code. So too in life, we need God’s guidelines or commandments, otherwise we cannot hope to go the way that God wants. This study explains to us what God expects in the many different areas of our lives.

Lesson 4: God’s Word

Readings: Mark 7: 1-23

When a crook is being chased by the police he could say, “The Law is after me!” He means, of course, both the police and the law of the land. In the days of the Lord Jesus, the Jews had brought together the commandments and all the other instructions given to Moses by God, and called it the Law. Today, some Jews still regard it as their most sacred writings and read it, learn it, practise it, and honour it as God’s Law. Many Jewish homes have a mezuzah on their doorpost. It contains part of the Law and reminds them every time they go out, that they must keep the Law.