B2 Miracles

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Lesson 1: Jesus changes water into wine

Readings: John 2: 1-11

Have you ever been to a wedding? If so, you’ll know what a happy event it usually is – unless something goes wrong! The Lord Jesus and some of His disciples were guests at a wedding. Another important person was also a guest.

Lesson 2: Jesus heals a sick boy

Readings: John 4: 46-54

One day the Lord Jesus came back to the town where He had turned water into wine. Its name was Cana. An important man, sometimes called ‘a nobleman’, or a ‘government official’, heard that Jesus was there. He set out from where he lived in Capernaum, and went to see Jesus.

Lesson 3: Jesus and the blind man

Readings: Mark 10: 46-52

It started just as an ordinary day. Bartimaeus was, as usual, at the side of the road near Jericho. He was begging for money from the crowds who passed by. He was blind and there was no other way for him to earn a living.

Lesson 4: Jesus heals the lepers

Readings: Luke 17: 11-19

In the country where the Lord Jesus lived there were many people who had a horrible skin disease called leprosy. It was so serious that they were not allowed to mix with other people. They had to leave their families, and live outside the towns and villages.