B2 Miracles

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Lesson 1: Jesus changes water into wine

Readings: John 2: 1-11

The Lord Jesus, His disciples, and His mother, Mary, had all been invited to a wedding. It was in a little town called Cana. Everything was going well until they ran out of wine!

Lesson 2: Jesus heals a sick boy

Readings: John 4: 46-54

The boy was so very ill that it seemed he was going to die. His worried father set out to find the Lord Jesus, who was many miles away. When he found Him, he begged Him to come. But Jesus told him to go back home, for his son was healed. The man at once believed what the Lord Jesus had said and set out for home.

Lesson 3: Jesus and Bartimaeus

Readings: Mark 10: 46-52

Bartimaeus lived in Jericho. Because he was blind, he sat at the side of the road begging for money. One day, he heard that the Lord Jesus was coming along the road.

Lesson 4: Jesus heals ten men with leprosy

Readings: Luke 17: 11-19

One day as Jesus was going into a village, He was met by ten men who had leprosy. They had a horrible skin disease, which meant they could not live at home. Hardly anyone ever got better from leprosy. When they saw Jesus they shouted, “Jesus, Master, have mercy on us!” Jesus told them to go and show themselves to the priests. At once they obeyed. As they went to find the priests the miracle happened. All ten men were healed!