B2 The Miracles

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Lesson 1: Water into Wine

Readings: John 2: 1-11

This was the first miracle that the Lord Jesus performed and it is recorded only in John’s gospel. Jesus, His mother and His disciples were all guests at the wedding, but we are not told whose wedding it was.

Lesson 2: A Boy Healed

Readings: John 4: 43-54

In the Bible Reading Jesus returned to the town where He had performed His first miracle. This town is in an area in the north of Israel called Galilee. To the south of Galilee is Samaria and south of Samaria is Judea, which includes towns and cities such as Bethlehem, Jericho, Bethany and the capital Jerusalem.

Lesson 3: Blind Bartimaeus

Readings: Mark 10: 46-52

In the days of the Lord Jesus, no help was given to people who were born blind; few cared for them, and they were left to beg for whatever they could get in order to survive. We ought to be thankful for our sight and caring of those who are not as fortunate as we are.

Lesson 4: Ten men with Leprosy

Readings: Luke 17: 11-19

The fame of the Lord Jesus had spread far and wide. These ten men with leprosy had heard of Him even though they lived outside their village, away from the rest of the people. The disease they had was very infectious and could hardly ever be cured. They kept their distance and shouted loudly to Jesus.