B3 The Town of Bethany

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Lesson 1: Two Sisters

Readings: Luke 10: 38-42

Most of us enjoy having a visit from our special friends, perhaps at Christmas, or for a birthday party. We like to welcome them into our homes, and give them a special meal. In this Bible Reading we meet two sisters who very much enjoyed having the Lord Jesus visit them in their home.

Lesson 2: Sorrow turned to Joy

Readings: John 11: 1-7; 17- 44

It is always very sad when someone in our family becomes ill and even dies. You can imagine how upset Martha and Mary were when their brother became very sick.

Lesson 3: Another Visit

Readings: John 12: 1-11

When someone has been really kind to us and has helped us with a problem, we like to show how thankful we are. Mary and Martha were like that too. The Lord Jesus had proved His great love for them, by raising Lazarus from the dead. Now they wondered what they could do for Him!

Lesson 4: On to Jerusalem

Readings: Luke 19: 28- 44

Time was running out! The Lord Jesus knew that before very long His people would totally reject Him, and put Him to death. But before that happened He wanted to show them that He really was their Messiah and King. He chose to do so in a rather strange way!