B3 Town of Bethany

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Lesson 1: Learning from Jesus

Readings: Luke 10: 38-42

Martha had invited the Lord Jesus to come to dinner. She wanted to do her best for such a special visitor. But when Jesus came, Martha was too busy to stay with Him. She still had so much to do. Instead, her sister, Mary, stayed with Jesus, learning from what He said.

Lesson 2: Life through Jesus

Readings: John 11: 1-7; 17- 44

It was a very sad time for Mary and Martha. Their brother Lazarus had died. His body was wrapped in pieces of cloth, and put in a cave with a big stone across the front. Four days after Lazarus was buried, Jesus came to visit Mary and Martha. He felt very sorry for His friends. He saw the place where Lazarus was buried and as He thought about His friend, He cried too.

Lesson 3: Love for Jesus

Readings: John 12: 1-11

Have you ever given a ‘Thank you’ present to someone who is very good to you? Mary and Martha were so pleased that Jesus had given them back their brother. They wanted to have a feast for Him.

Lesson 4: Looking at Jesus

Readings: Luke 19: 28- 44

Jesus was coming into Jerusalem for the last time. Soon it would be time for Him to die so that our sins could be forgiven. Jesus knew that He had to ride into
Jerusalem, so He asked two of His friends to go and bring Him a donkey. They put their coats on its back and Jesus sat on it. As He rode along, crowds of people
gathered and threw their coats on the ground to make a carpet.