B4 The Cross

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Lesson 1: Jesus Dying

Readings: Luke 23: 1-26; 32-43

A few nights after Jesus came to Jerusalem, He ate a special supper with His disciples. He knew this would be the last time they would eat together before He died. After that, Jesus went to a garden to pray. While He was there, His enemies came with clubs and swords to arrest Him. Sadly, one of Jesus’ disciples, Judas, helped them to find Him.

Lesson 2: Jesus Dies and is Buried

Readings: Luke 23: 44-56

It was now the middle of the day. Suddenly the sun stopped shining and it became very dark. This lasted for three hours.

Lesson 3: Jesus Rising

Readings: John 20: 1-18

It was Sunday morning, the third day since Jesus had died. Mary had got up very early and gone to the tomb. The large stone had been removed from the entrance. The tomb was empty! Who had taken away the body?

Lesson 4: Jesus Leaving and Returning

Readings: Luke 24: 50-53, Acts 1: 4-12

If you’ve ever moved house or school, you’ll know what it’s like to say goodbye to your friends. Imagine you are moving far away, never to see your friends again! This is how the disciples must have felt when Jesus left them. Since He had come back to life, the disciples had spent some wonderful times with the Lord Jesus. Now they understood more about why He had died.