B4 The Cross

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Lesson 1: Jesus Dying

Readings: Luke 23: 1-43

After Jesus came to Jerusalem, the leaders of the people wanted to get Jesus and kill Him. One night, as Jesus was praying in a garden, they came and captured Him. The next day, He was taken to Pilate, the man in charge of the country. Pilate decided that Jesus should die on a cross.

Lesson 2: Jesus Dies and is Buried

Readings: Luke 23: 44-56

It was now the middle of the day. Suddenly the sun stopped shining and for three hours it became very dark. During that time the Lord Jesus was punished by God for our sin. Jesus had already suffered a lot of pain, but we cannot understand how dreadful this punishment from God must have been.

Lesson 3: Jesus coming back to Life

Readings: John 20: 1-18

The friends of Jesus were very sad after He died. Three days later, Mary got up very early to visit the tomb. She was surprised to find that the stone had been rolled away and that the tomb was empty.

Lesson 4: Jesus Leaving and Returning

Readings: Luke 24: 50-53, Acts 1: 4-12

The friends of the Lord Jesus were so pleased that He was alive! One day, Jesus took His disciples up a hill. He explained that the time had come for Him to go back to Heaven. They would not be left alone because soon a special Helper called the Holy Spirit would come to them.