B4 The Lord Jesus

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Lesson 1: Dying

Readings: Luke 23: 1-26; 32-46

Very soon after riding into Jerusalem on the colt, the Lord Jesus was arrested. Events moved quickly, and soon He was crucified.

Lesson 2: Rising

Readings: John 20: 1-18

When we read the life stories of famous people we find that the last chapter is usually about how and when they died. After that, there is nothing more to tell! But with the story of the Lord Jesus it is very different! For Him, death on the cross was not the end!

Lesson 3: Leaving

Readings: John 20: 19-29; Luke 24: 50-53

Good detectives look for clues to help them in their investigations. Then they reach their conclusions, based on the evidence which they have found. There is a lot of evidence for believing that the Lord Jesus really did rise from the dead. Let’s look at some of it!

Lesson 4: Returning

Readings: Acts 1: 4; 8-12

If someone we know who always tells the truth makes us a promise, we have every reason to trust them and be happy! Someday that promise will be kept! So it was with the disciples of the Lord Jesus. As He was about to go back to Heaven, He gave them some wonderful promises. They believed that some day He would keep them and do exactly as He had said.