B5 Early Christians

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Lesson 1: Stephen

Readings: Acts 6: 1-15; 7: 54-60

Our studies this month are about some men who were important in the early days of the Church. We begin with a study about a true Christian hero, called Stephen.

Lesson 2: Philip

Readings: Acts 6: 5; 8: 4-17, 26:40

Do you remember how the last study began? In the church at Jerusalem there was a group of men who were given a special job to do.

Lesson 3: Cornelius

Readings: Acts 10: 1-8, 23-48

This study is about a Roman army officer (or centurion) who became a believer in the Lord Jesus. His story is important because it shows that the gospel was not for the Jews only. Non-Jews (or Gentiles, as they are called) can also be saved, on exactly the same terms as Jews.

Lesson 4: Barnabas

Readings: Acts 4: 32-37; 9: 26-31; 11: 19-30

This study is about a man known as Barnabas; this name was given to him by the apostles. Earlier, he had another name!