B5 Parables

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Lesson 1: The Good Samaritan

Readings: Luke 10: 25-37

We usually ask a question because we want to know the answer, but sometimes we think we already know the answer. That’s the way it was, one day, with a Jewish teacher who was talking to the Lord Jesus.

Lesson 2: The Lost Sheep

Readings: Luke 15: 1-7

Some people think that they are better than others. It was just the same when Jesus lived on earth. The Pharisees and Jewish teachers of the law thought that they were better than tax collectors and sinners.

Lesson 3: The Lost Son

Readings: Luke 15: 11-24

Jesus told another story to show that God loves all of us. There was a man who had two sons. The younger son asked his father for the money that would one day be his.

Lesson 4: The Sower

Readings: Mark 4: 1-20

Jesus was sitting in a boat on the lake speaking to the people on the shore. He told the people that when a farmer scatters seed on the ground, the seed falls on four different types of ground.