B5 The Lord’s Servants

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Lesson 1: Prepared by God!

Readings: Acts 1: 7-9; 2: 1-13

In the first days of the Church, God used various men to tell others, from different countries, about the Lord Jesus. God guided them, by His Holy Spirit, and they were obedient to His Word. Many of the people to whom they preached, accepted the Lord Jesus as their own Saviour.

Lesson 2: Prepared to Die!

Readings: Acts 6: 1-5, 8-15; 7: 54-60

As the Good News, or Gospel, was preached in Jerusalem more and more people believed. The disciples found themselves so busy helping those who were poor and hungry, especially the widows, that they had less time to spend in prayer and preaching. As a result, they chose seven men to help in the care of the widows.

Lesson 3: Prepared to Listen!

Readings: Acts 8: 5, 26-40

How many times has your Mom or Dad, or school teacher, said to you, “Do as you are told!”? How often have you heard the saying, ‘In one ear and out the other’? It is very important that we listen carefully to instructions given to us, for example, how to find our way somewhere or how to do an experiment at school. The Bible Reading shows how a man was helped to become a Christian. This was because someone listened carefully to God’s instructions, and then fully obeyed Him.

Lesson 4: Prepared to Go!

Readings: Acts 10: 1-20, 24-29, 33-43

Ben and Becky were not very happy. Their Mom and Dad had said that they must go and visit their Uncle who was ill in hospital. Neither of them wanted to go. They didn’t like hospitals. However, as they came home, they agreed that they were glad they went. Uncle Bill had been so pleased to see them and had been really cheered up by their visit.