B6 Life of Joseph

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Lesson 1: The Young Dreamer

Readings: Genesis 37: 1-11

Joseph belonged to a big family. He had TEN big brothers, one sister, and ONE little brother.

Lesson 2: The Hated Brother

Readings: Genesis 37: 12-36

One day Joseph’s father, who was called Jacob, sent him to see how his brothers were doing. They were far away from home, caring for their flocks of sheep.

Lesson 3: The Good Slave

Readings: Genesis 39: 1-6, 19-23

When Joseph was brought to Egypt, he was sold to a man who needed a slave to work in his house. The man’s name was Potiphar. He was kind to Joseph, and trusted him to take care of everything when he was away from home.

Lesson 4: The New Leader

Readings: Genesis 41: 14-49

For years, Joseph was in jail! Then one day he was taken to meet the king of Egypt. The king had some strange dreams and he wanted to know what they meant. Someone had told the king that Joseph could explain dreams.