B7 Life of Joseph

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Lesson 1: Spies in Egypt!

Readings: Genesis 41: 46-57; 42: 1:26

In Egypt, in the days when Joseph was leader, there was plenty to eat in the good years, just as he had told Pharaoh, the king.

Lesson 2: Benjamin and Bad News!

Readings: Genesis 42: 35-38; 43: 11-14, 24-31; 44: 1-17

When the brothers reached home, they told their father all that had happened. They told him how they had been accused of being spies, and how the great man had demanded to see Benjamin and had kept Simeon. They explained how very frightened they were.

Lesson 3: Forgiveness and Good News!

Readings: Genesis 44: 18-34; 45: 1-14, 25-28

Once again, the brothers had to face Joseph. This time the situation was worse than ever. Joseph’s silver cup had been found in Benjamin’s sack. No wonder they were frightened! Judah spoke up.

Lesson 4: Together in Egypt!

Readings: Genesis 46: 1-7, 26-34

So Jacob, happy to hear that Joseph was alive, gathered his family together and set out for Egypt. On the way he stopped to worship God. God had promised Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that He would make from them a great nation, give them their own land, and make them a blessing to other people.