B8 People Jesus Met

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Lesson 1: A sick lady

Readings: Luke 4: 38-44

Everywhere the Lord Jesus went He did great miracles. Many people were healed and others were given help. One Sabbath day, he healed a man in the synagogue. Later that day, he was welcomed into Simon’s home. Andrew, James and John were also invited.

Lesson 2: A man with leprosy

Readings: Luke 5: 12-16

When children catch measles or chicken pox, we know that they cannot go to school, or meet with people, in case it is passed on to others. In the days of Jesus, there was an infectious disease called leprosy. Anybody who had leprosy was not allowed to live with his family, or even go to work.

Lesson 3: A helpless man

Readings: Luke 5: 17-26

It must have been exciting spending time with Jesus. Nobody could ever be sure what was going to happen next.

Lesson 4: Matthew

Readings: Luke 5: 27-32

Some people were amazed at the things the Lord Jesus said and did. Others wanted to leave their jobs, and even their homes, to follow Jesus and to stay with Him. This is the story about one such person. His name was Levi, but often he was called Matthew.