B8 The Way Ahead

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Lesson 1: Christians Together

Readings: Acts 2: 41-44; 4: 32-35

Perhaps you are joining a new school soon. You are wondering what it will be like! You can be sure that there will be many new experiences, and lots of things to learn. It’s like that when you become a Christian, through personally receiving the Lord Jesus as your Saviour. You have a new life. In these studies we’re going to learn about some important things in a new Christian’s life.

Lesson 2: Christian Baptism

Readings: Matthew 28: 16-20; Acts 8: 34-39; Acts 18: 8

We have already learned that becoming a Christian is beginning a completely new life! If you are a Christian you have been ‘born again’, as the Lord Jesus taught in John 3. You have finished with your old life, and you are starting out on a new life. How can you let your friends and family know about this great change? You can start by being BAPTIZED. That’s how the first Christians did it!

Lesson 3: The Lord’s Supper

Readings: Luke 22: 14-20; 1 Corinthians 11: 23-31

Have you got some photographs to help you remember a good friend, or a special person whom you once met? When you look at them, they bring back many memories. Do you know that the Lord Jesus has given His followers a very special way of reminding them about Him? It’s not just something to look at; it is something to do!

Lesson 4: Growing as a Christian

Readings: 1 Peter 2: 1-3; 2 Peter 3: 18; Acts 17: 10-12

Each of us was born alive! As babies, we needed regular, suitable food. Without that, we certainly wouldn’t have survived! To become strong and healthy we must have proper nourishment.