B9 Life of Moses

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Lesson 1: Moses’ birth

Readings: Exodus 1-2

The Israelites were descended from Joseph and his brothers. They had been living in Egypt for many years. A new Egyptian king came to the throne and he did not like
having these strangers in his country. He was afraid that they would outnumber his own people. He made the Israelites work as slaves building cities.

Lesson 2: Moses’ big mistake

Readings: Exodus 2: 11-15

Moses is now grown up. He is about 40 years old and has been living in Pharaoh’s palace for many years. But, remember, his own mother had been his nurse. She had taught him about the true God and his own people, the Hebrews.

Lesson 3: Moses sees a burning bush

Readings: Exodus 3: 1-22

Moses had been living in the desert for about 40 years. He had now married a daughter of Jethro. One day, as he was looking after Jethro’s sheep, he saw a very strange sight.

Lesson 4: Moses brings God’s message

Readings: Exodus 4: 1-23

Moses had been asked by God to do a great task for Him. Aaron was going to help, by speaking for him. God also gave Moses the power to do special things.