B9 Life of Moses

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Lesson 1: The Baby in the Basket

Readings: Exodus 1: 6-14, 22; 2: 1-10

At the end of the story of Joseph, seventy of his family, including his father Jacob, had come down and settled in Egypt. As time went on, their numbers grew, and before long they had become a separate race of people called the Hebrews or Israelites. The Bible Reading begins more than 300 years after the Israelites had first arrived in Egypt, and when a new king, or Pharaoh, came to power.

Lesson 2: His Big Mistake

Readings: Exodus 2: 11-22

One day, Becky’s mom asked her to go to the store. She wasn’t allowed to ride her brother’s new bike, but this was her chance to have a spin on it when Ben wasn’t home. “No one will ever know,” thought Becky. She was almost home when suddenly, the front wheel wobbled, hit the curb and Becky fell off. Thankfully, she wasn’t hurt. She picked up the bike, looking at it carefully to see if there was any damage. Yes! The spokes on the front wheel were bent a little. When she reached home, she worked for ages, trying to straighten the damaged spokes. It was nearly right! She hoped Ben would never find out.

Lesson 3: The Burning Bush

Readings: Exodus 2: 23-25; 3: 1-10

How different Moses’ life was now, compared with the years he had spent in Pharaoh’s palace. His life had become quiet and lonely. Many years went by and nothing unusual happened. Back in Egypt, conditions for the Israelite slaves were no better. Had God forgotten them? Would He still work out His plan to use Moses, now 80 years old, to lead His people out of Egypt?

Lesson 4: Bringing God’s Message

Readings: Exodus 5: 1-9, 22-23; 6: 1-9

God wanted Moses to go back to Egypt to lead his people to a new land. Moses would have the help of Aaron, his brother.