C1 Life of Daniel

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Lesson 1: The Strange Country

Readings: Daniel 1: 1-21

The nation of Israel had often sinned, and God had punished them. On this occasion, a foreign king was allowed to destroy their capital city, and take captive many of the people.

Lesson 2: The Fiery Furnace

Readings: Daniel 2: 48-49; 3: 1-30

God was blessing Daniel. As a result of the stand which he took (Daniel 1) and also of the explanation which he gave of the king’s dream (Daniel 2), he was promoted.

Lesson 3: The Mysterious Hand

Readings: Daniel 5: 1-31

Everybody enjoys a party, whether it is at Christmas, a birthday, or some other special celebration, but there was never a party like the one in this Bible Reading!

Lesson 4: The Den of Lions

Readings: Daniel 6: 1-28

Now there was a new king called Darius. He appointed presidents and princes (or satraps) to take charge of the kingdom. Daniel was among them. It looks as though some of them were not honest. Daniel was always truthful, and the others hated him because he would do nothing dishonest. They tried to get him into trouble with the king, but could not find grounds for any charges against him. A wise king would have been suspicious of their plot, but it made Darius feel very important.