C12 The Christmas Story

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Lesson 1: In the beginning!

Readings: Genesis 3: 13-20, Isaiah 7: 14-16

Every story has a beginning! The wonderful Christmas story did not start in Bethlehem, but right at the beginning of history. It was in the Garden of Eden that God made the first promise of a coming Saviour.

Lesson 2: God’s Messenger

Readings: Matthew 1: 18-25

Christmas is a time of surprises. What a wonderful moment it is when you discover what the large, unusual present is! Or perhaps your grandparents unexpectedly come for a visit!

Lesson 3: The Special Star

Readings: Matthew 2: 1-12

Ben and Becky were very excited one Christmas Day. Having opened many wonderful presents, they were now waiting for some special family visitors. Their Uncle Bob
and Auntie Jean had come over from Australia and were going to stay with them for the New Year. Christmas is a time for family visits and get togethers.

Lesson 4: The Nighttime Escape

Readings: Matthew 2: 13-23

Sometimes we have bad dreams! On waking up, we are so thankful it is all over! When God spoke to Joseph a second time, he must have wished it was only a bad dream. But it was even worse, for God was warning him of serious trouble ahead!