C3 The Lord’s Power

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Lesson 1: Healing the sick

Readings: John 5: 1-16

During His travels, the Lord Jesus met many people. Most of them had a problem of some sort. He had the power to heal them. Nobody was ever the same after meeting the Lord Jesus. Certainly the man in this Bible Reading had his life completely changed!

Lesson 2: Raising the dead

Readings: Luke 8: 40-56

Someone once said that the Lord Jesus was either “Mad, Bad or God”!

Lesson 3: Helping the needy

Readings: Matthew 8: 1-13

The Lord Jesus had just finished one of His greatest sermons. We call it ‘The Sermon on the Mount’. Crowds had gathered to hear Him. He was becoming famous.

Lesson 4: Feeding the hungry

Readings: John 6: 1-15

So far in these studies, the power of the Lord Jesus has been seen in the healing of individuals. On each occasion He healed them completely. This miracle is different, because thousands saw it and were blessed by it.