C4 Death of Christ

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Lesson 1: Judas

Readings: Matthew 26: 14-16, 36-50

The time was coming near when the Lord Jesus would be arrested and put on the cross. Sadly, one of the twelve disciples turned against Him, and handed Him over to His enemies.

Lesson 2: Pilate

Readings: Matthew 27: 1-2, 11-31

Not long after He was arrested, Jesus was taken to Pilate to be tried. This man was the Roman Governor who was in charge of the Jews’ country at that time.

Lesson 3: Joseph

Readings: Matthew 27: 56-66

The Lord Jesus died on the cross. That very evening, Joseph, from the town of Arimathaea, went to see Pilate. Joseph was a rich man, who believed in the Lord Jesus. He begged Pilate to let him have Jesus’ body, so that he could bury Him. Pilate gave him permission.

Lesson 4: The two travellers

Readings: Luke 24: 13-35

Two of the disciples of the Lord Jesus were walking on the road from Jerusalem to the village of Emmaus, about seven miles away. They were feeling very, very sad because they knew their Master, the Lord Jesus, had died on the cross, and they hadn’t yet heard the good news about Him being alive again!