C5 The Book of Ruth

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Lesson 1: Wrong Decisions

Readings: Ruth 1: 1-14

These four lessons are about a family who lived many years before David, Israel’s greatest king. The story begins at a time when the people of Israel had turned away from God and were living very sinful and selfish lives.

Lesson 2: The Widows Return

Readings: Ruth 1: 14-23; 2: 1-3

Orpah had made her decision and she returned to Moab. Ruth’s mind was made up that she would go with Naomi to Bethlehem.

Lesson 3: The Wealthy Relative

Readings: Ruth 2: 1-23

Naomi and Ruth were poor widows but Ruth was willing to work hard to obtain food for Naomi and herself. She went to glean in the harvest field. This means she
gathered together the stalks of grain that had been left behind by the reapers.

Lesson 4: The Will of God

Readings: Ruth 3: 1-18; 4: 1-17

The story of Ruth had a happy ending. She found a new husband! Naomi played an important part in arranging the marriage.