C7 1 & 2 Samuel

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Lesson 1: Choosing the King

Readings: 1 Samuel 16: 1-13

It was time for a new king. Saul had been a good king at first, but he did not obey God’s commands completely and God rejected him as king. Samuel was told to appoint a new king.

Lesson 2: Battling with Goliath

Readings: 1 Samuel 17: 12-52

The Israelites were at war. The enemy, the Philistines, had a special weapon – a giant! He was nearly three metres tall! The outcome of the battle was to be decided by a fight between the giant, Goliath, and one of the Israelites. Every day, Goliath challenged the Israelites to send a man to fight him.

Lesson 3: Living with Saul

Readings: 1 Samuel 18: 1-17; 19: 1-18

After defeating Goliath, David went to live with King Saul and his family. Jonathan became David’s best friend.

Lesson 4: Friends with Jonathan

Readings: 1 Samuel 20: 1-42

If you have a best friend, what do you expect from that friendship?