C8 Joshua

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Lesson 1: The New Leader

Readings: Joshua 1: 1-9, 16-18

The people of Israel had come to an important, new stage in their history. They had wandered forty years in the wilderness since they had left Egypt. Now they were at the borders of ‘The Promised Land’ and ready to enter it. At this point, God gave them a new leader.

Lesson 2: Sends out the Spies

Readings: Joshua 2: 1-24

To be a spy is a very exciting and dangerous job! This study begins with Joshua sending spies to the first city which the Israelites would attack, as soon as they had crossed the River Jordan.

Lesson 3: Crossing the Jordan

Readings: Joshua 3: 1-17; 4: 1-24

Only the River Jordan now separated the people of Israel from the land God had promised them. This study is about crossing that river.

Lesson 4: Victory and Defeat

Readings: Joshua 6: 1-27; 7: 1-26

This study is about the first two cities which the Israelites attacked after crossing the Jordan. At the first place, they won a great victory; at the second they suffered a great defeat.