C8 Joshua

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Lesson 1: Joshua becomes a leader

Readings: Joshua 1: 1-9

Moses had been the leader of God’s people, Israel, but now he had died. God told Joshua that he was to be the new leader. He was to lead Israel out of the desert and into the promised land of Canaan.

Lesson 2: Joshua and the new land

Readings: Joshua 2: 1-24

Joshua now sent two spies to Canaan to look over the land. They went to Jericho and stayed at the house of Rahab. Jericho was surrounded by walls and Rahab lived in a house on the wall.

Lesson 3: Joshua and Jordan

Readings: Joshua 3: 1-17

Joshua had a problem. He could not take the Israelites into their new land of Canaan until they had crossed the River Jordan. The Jordan was overflowing and there was no bridge across it. God came to the rescue!

Lesson 4: Joshua and Jericho

Readings: Joshua 6: 1-25

Now the time had come to attack Jericho. The army was ready and the people of Jericho feared what was going to happen to them. God had a special plan so that everybody would know who had really won the victory.