Series Intro: Unit 1

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Lesson 1: Growing up

Readings: Luke 2: 39-52

“Come and clear all these things away,” calls your mother, when you are in the middle of something very interesting. What do you do?

Lesson 2: A Voice from Heaven

Readings: Luke 3: 1-8; 21-23

Whatever was going on down by the River Jordan? Crowds of people gathered round to listen and watch. Then they went home to tell their friends and neighbours. At the centre of all the attention was a man called John.

Lesson 3: Saying “No!”

Readings: Luke 4: 1-13

There, lying on a bench in the deserted cloakroom, was a bag of chips. “Just what I could do with,” said Becky. “Come on Ben, let’s eat them. I’m starving!” “Well, I don’t know,” said Ben. “Do you think we should?”

Lesson 4: Helping Others

Readings: Luke 4: 14-22

When a winning sports team, or a famous person, returns to their home town, everyone is eager to see them. The fame of the Lord Jesus was spreading. He was being talked about all over the area and when He eventually came home, the people who had watched Him grow up wanted to see and hear Him.