Series Intro: Unit 2

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Lesson 1: The Lord Jesus - Forgiving a Sinner

Readings: Luke 5: 17-26

The Lord Jesus had started travelling through the country, preaching, teaching and healing. News about Him had spread so that crowds gathered to hear Him and see His miracles. One day, when He was teaching in a house, some religious leaders came, especially to hear Him. These men were extremely careful to keep God’s Law. Outwardly they seemed very good, but many of them showed no love or concern for needy people.

Lesson 2: The Lord Jesus - Stilling the Storm

Readings: Luke 8: 22-25

The Lord Jesus had many followers or disciples. One day, after spending a whole night in prayer, He chose 12 men. They were called Apostles – which means those whom He would send out. The Lord Jesus gave them special teaching and later sent them out to the towns and villages to teach and preach.

Lesson 3: The Lord Jesus - Feeding Thousands

Readings: Luke 9: 1, 2, 10-17

The Lord Jesus now sent the apostles out on a special teaching and preaching mission.

Lesson 4: The Lord Jesus - Raising a Dead Man

Readings: Luke 7: 11-17

Two large crowds met outside a city. One was full of grief and sadness, but the other was full of gladness and expectation. It was a meeting between the living and the dead.