Series Intro: Unit 2

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Lesson 1: Believe and be rewarded

Readings: Luke 5: 17-26

Have you ever been so eager to buy something that you were prepared to wait for ages in a very long line, until at last it was your turn? Well, some men in this story, trying to reach the Lord Jesus, were faced by a large crowd.

Lesson 2: From death to life

Readings: Luke 7: 11-17

“Will wonders never cease,” people say when something very unexpected happens. The people who saw the wonderful miracles that the Lord Jesus did, must have felt the same. Wasn’t it unbelievable to bring a dead person back to life?

Lesson 3: Don’t be afraid

Readings: Luke 8: 22-25

Have you ever been really scared? Most of us have had moments of great fear, at some time in our lives. Here were some fishermen – big, strong men who were used to the sea – yet they were terrified!

Lesson 4: Caring for others

Readings: Luke 9: 10-17

Who cares for you? “My Mom” or “My Dad” are the usual answers or perhaps “My Grandma” or “My Auntie”. These are the people who know you best. They see your good days and your bad days, but they love you as you are, and they want what is best for you. Do you know that the Lord Jesus cares for you even more than that?