Series Intro: Unit 3

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Lesson 1: The Lord Jesus - The Good Shepherd

Readings: Luke 15: 1-7; 19: 1-10

Once again the Lord Jesus is surrounded by two kinds of people – those who wanted to learn, and those who wanted to find fault. In the crowd were tax collectors (called ‘publicans’ in some Bibles) who were really hated by everyone, because they worked for the Romans (the occupying power in Israel). Some tax collectors realized they had no hope and were lost spiritually. The Lord Jesus was looking for people like that.

Lesson 2: The Lord Jesus - The Loving Teacher

Readings: Luke 15: 11-24

In the previous study, we learned that the Lord Jesus is the Good Shepherd who loves us and came to bring us back to God. In this parable, we learn about the love of God the Father, who forgives all our sins and blesses us when we return to Him.

Lesson 3: The Lord Jesus - The Dying Saviour

Readings: Luke 23: 13-26, 32-47

We have been learning about the love of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ for each individual. Now we see the greatest proof of God’s love when the Lord Jesus died on the cross.

Lesson 4: The Lord Jesus - The Living Lord

Readings: Luke 23: 55 & 56; 24: 1-12

Some women from Galilee had watched the crucifixion from a distance. (Luke 23: 49) They also paid careful attention to where Jesus’ body was laid, and then they went home.