Series Intro: Unit 3

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Lesson 1: The Lost Sheep

Readings: Luke 15: 1-7

The Lord Jesus told this story to show that we are all like the lost sheep because we have strayed away from God by doing the wrong things.

Lesson 2: The Lost Son

Readings: Luke 15: 11-24

The Lord Jesus told another story, to help the people understand that when they had done wrong they must return to God and be truly sorry.

Lesson 3: The Darkest Day

Readings: Luke 23: 13-26; 32-49

When a famous person comes to visit your town, crowds of people line the route he is taking to wave and cheer. You would be very surprised if the crowds in the next town yelled and shouted for him to be killed. Yet something like that happened to the Lord Jesus.

Lesson 4: The Brightest Day

Readings: Luke 23: 55-56; 24: 1-12

They were sad. Perhaps they were weeping as they quietly made their way through the sleeping city. Jesus, their Friend, was dead. Dawn was breaking and the women had an important task ahead of them.