PBS B11 Level 3

B11 Life of Moses

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Lesson 1: Meeting God

Readings: Exodus 19: 1-15

Ben and Becky were dressed in their best clothes ready to meet an important person. Just before this guest arrived they disobeyed their mother and went out to play. When they came inside to meet the special visitor they were covered in dirt. Ben and Becky made their mother feel cross because they were dirty on the ‘outside’. Our ‘insides’ can become ‘dirty’ or ‘unclean’ too. That is what happens when we do wrong and sin against God. This keeps us apart from God until we are sorry and have been forgiven by Him. There is something very special about God.

Lesson 2: Knowing God

Readings: Exodus 20: 1-12

Ben and Becky’s favourite game is Snakes and Ladders. All games have rules so that everyone can play fairly. If someone breaks the rules, then the game is spoiled. God made rules, not for playing games, but to show us the best way to live. He made those rules because He loves us. When we break them, it spoils our lives, making God and us unhappy

Lesson 3: Obeying God

Readings: Exodus 20: 13-21; Matthew 19: 16-30

Have you ever made a promise to behave yourself for a whole day? Have you ever managed to keep it? Perhaps you are very good at obeying the rules at home or at school, but it is impossible to be perfect. God’s standards, set out in the Ten Commandments, are even higher than the standards set for us by those who love and take care of us. God loves us so much that, He has given us a way to receive forgiveness when we fail to reach His standards. The Lord Jesus is the answer, as you will discover! The rest of the commandments tell us some of the things we must be careful not to do in order to obey God.

Lesson 4: Failing God

Readings: Exodus 32: 1-26

We all like to be popular, especially with our friends, but sometimes the crowd does things that make God sad. Do you ‘follow the crowd’ or do you decide to do what God wants? This isn’t always an easy decision but God’s way is best, as Moses had to point out to the Israelites.